Our goal is sustainable development. Protection of the community and ecology are paramount. Through a series of workshops, we hope to help local communities learn from our mistakes so development can take place while keeping the traditions and the charm of local communities intact.

1) Support Farmers

Our initial and priority project is to support farmers. It is very important that they can generate their own income to send their children to the school. Farmland often suffers from drought and water pumps need to be installed. Over time we want to improve the entire water distribution system. Most farmers are only producing enough crops for their own consumption. In order to boost crop yields, they need better seeds. We also want to introduce fruit trees and domestic animals. We hope that the farmers develop a sense of community and sustainability. We would also like to donate domestic animals to some of the farmers, so they can establish their own herds. As new animals are born, they will be donated to other farmers in the area. Our ultimate hope is the local farmers make their own circle.

We need some Volunteers to help with agriculture development. They will be involved in research, system development and agriculture education.

2) Provide uniforms and stationery

All the children have the right to go to school. Unfortunately some parents cannot afford to buy uniforms and stationery, so their children cannot go to school. We want to provide uniforms and stationery, so that everyone has an opportunity to go to school.

3) Teaching English

We believe tourism will be a major source of income for communities in the future. In order to work in the tourism industry, locals need basic foreign language skills. Although we will be concentrating mainly on teaching English, other languages will be valuable assets.

4) Computer skills

Companies and people throughout the developing world are earning significant income through the implementation of technology. Remote call centers and computer related work which can be done remotely are opportunities for development that should be seriously explored. Developing both language and computer skills are the keys to professional success within their own country while being able to remain with their family.

5) A house for Volunteers

Our school is located in a rural area. Locals are used to the local living standards, but for volunteers, it can be difficult. We have a house close to the school but it needs to be renovated. We want to provide basic comforts for volunteers so their time can be used in a pleasant and meaningful way.

What we need ;

Volunteers for

At school ( for children)

  • Language ( English / French / Chinese ) teachers (Language teacher will be supporting local teachers in their class, have own language class, review school curriculum and brush up local teacher’s knowledge)
  • Computer teacher
  • Internet / network technician

Outside of school ( for adults )

  • Language ( English / French / Chinese ) teachers for conversation, grammar and business writing.
  • Agriculture support
  • Business development
  • Ecology lecture

Funds for

  • Water pumps for farmers
  • Good seeds and fruit trees ( Mangos & Bananas )
  • Domestic Animals ( Goats, Cows, and Chickens)
  • Scholarship for continue educations
  • Uniform & Stationery
  • Computers
  • Internet line
  • clean water at school
  • renovation of a house for volunteers