Our Story

I have travelled extensively experiencing local life. Nepal is one of the countries I want to go back to over and over. I feel that traveling in developing countries in particular; I experience warm hospitality and generosity of people in spite of their hardships. Nepalese are one of them.  My first visit was over 10 years ago; I made a few friends who I now call ‘little brothers’.

There is one Nepalese story of struggle in particular I would like to share. After getting married, my little brother and his friends started school but faced financial problems. My little brother moved to the Middle East to work for his family. One day his wife and son got into a car accident and they lost their baby boy.

These kinds of stories are surprisingly typical in Nepal. All the traffic, the poor transportation and life style lead to many sad stories. Every time when I visit Nepal, I get energy from the people. I always want to get back to them as soon as possible.

After this sad news, it is not a “wish list” anymore. His school is about one hour away from a famous tourist spot, Royal Chitwan National Park, a World Heritage site by UNESCO. It’s a relatively flat part of Nepal and good for agriculture. It is also closer to the Indian border.  So the lifestyle is relatively easier than the lifestyle the people in mountains endure.  Nevertheless, they still they need to fight with humidity and disease. Many parents try to send children to this school but after a few years, they cannot to afford it, then the class size shrinks to half.  It is a shame that hard working smart children cannot finish their education. We want to support those children as well as whole community.  We hope one day, those same children will travel to rural areas to support other people in need.